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You Can Benefit from Same Day Dental Crowns in Randolph

October 30, 2017

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With the holidays approaching, it’s more important than ever to have an effective, advanced, swift dental team backing you just in case an emergency happens. You’re more likely to injure a tooth when crunching down on holiday snacks like caramelized nuts or hard candy canes. If a dental emergency occurs, your dental team should have the appropriate technology you need to improve your dental issue the very same day, like advanced CEREC technology. This way, you can get same day crowns in Randolph.


Keep Your Dentures In Place with All-on-4 Dental Implants

August 14, 2017

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happy mature manYou’ve finally managed to have your family over for dinner, and it’s been a fantastic evening. You got to show off your cooking skills, catch up with your children, and even play with your grandchildren. By now, everyone is finished eating and just sitting around the table chatting…except for you. You see, your dentures haven’t fit securely for a while now, so to make sure they don’t unexpectedly fall out, you have to eat very slowly. You can see the kids are starting to get restless because they want to get up, but their parents are telling them to wait until everyone is finished eating.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Removable dentures typically lose their fit after just a few years, which can lead to all kinds of problems with both eating AND speaking. However, thanks to the latest advancements in dental prosthetics, you can now get a new kind of denture using All-on-4 dental implants that you can trust to always stay in place and give you a smile you can be confident about. (more…)

Summer Is a Good Time for a Smile Makeover in Randolph

May 5, 2017

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Example of what’s possible with a smile makeover in Randolph. If you’re anything like us here at Randolph Dental Care, you’re ready for summer! But what about your teeth? If you’re not smiling as bright as you once did, now is a perfect time to consider a full smile makeover in Randolph. It’s a comprehensive solution to the dental imperfections that are dragging you down — keep reading to learn more about what’s possible with a full smile makeover, then schedule an appointment to get started with Dr. Glen Goldstein today!


3 Reasons To Get Dental Implants in Randolph With Us

March 13, 2017

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Why You Should Get Your Dental Implants in Randolph.If you are missing teeth and are sick of constantly trying to hide them, dental implants are the most complete and reliable solution that can bring them back. With a 95% success rate, it’s easy to see why doctors and patients alike are choosing them more and more often. The question is, where should you actually get them? Plenty of practices offer dental implants, but which one is truly the best? Who can you really trust to give you your smile back? Today, we’re going to share 3 reasons why Dr. Glen Goldstein  and the team at Randolph Dental Care are exactly who you need to get dental implants in Randolph. (more…)

The Connection Between TMJ and Sleep Apnea in Randolph

February 10, 2017

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Research suggests poorly aligned teeth can lead to TMJ and sleep apnea. Randolph Dental Care offers the effective treatment you need for both conditions.

At Randolph Dental Care, we provide a wide range of services for our patients, including areas of specialty, like treatment for sleep apnea in Randolph. Sleep apnea is categorized as a sleep disorder, which affects more than 25 million adults in the United States. The disorder causes numerous pauses in breathing frequently while sleeping. While there are various factors that increase your risk for the disorder, such as obesity and age, there is also another connection. There is evidence that TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders) and sleep apnea often go hand-in-hand. In the past, the two were often viewed separately. However, there is evidence that both conditions may be caused by the same underlying factor.


5 Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Randolph

February 1, 2017

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The multiple benefits of getting dental implants in Randolph. Face it: you hate your missing teeth. It seems odd to hate something that isn’t there, but that’s how you feel nonetheless. It’s always the first thing you think about whenever you start speaking to someone, and you never show your teeth in pictures anymore. It’s time for a change; it’s time to replace your missing teeth. You keep reading about how dental implants in Randolph are one of the best ways to do this, but why? What makes them better than other methods, such as a bridge? Today, Dr. Glen Goldstein is going to discuss the multitude of benefits you get from replacing your teeth with dental implants. (more…)

Get a New Smile with Porcelain Veneers for a new smile in Randolph

December 28, 2016

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Your dentist for a smile makeover in Randolph.Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Start the new year with a new smile! Dr. Glen Goldstein will give you a smile makeover in Randolph using minimally invasive porcelain veneers. The appearance of your teeth plays a significant role in your life. Research shows that an unattractive smile directly impacts your confidence. When you do not feel confident, you often avoid social engagements. Not to mention, many feel an unattractive smile hurts career prospects. Now, you can improve your quality of life with restored confidence. Your cosmetic dentist in Randolph will transform your teeth into a smile of perfection using porcelain veneers.

Understanding Causes and Treatment for TMJ in Randolph

November 17, 2016

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Your dentist for TMJ in Randolph. Do you hear clicking or popping when you open or close your jaw? Maybe you have frequent headaches or have trouble chewing? If so, you may be suffering from a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, commonly referred to as TMJ Disorder. It is estimated 10 million Americans suffer from a TMJ disorder, which causes many painful and uncomfortable symptoms. It is believed that 80% of all headaches are due to the teeth. While the causes of the disorder can vary, it is essential to seek treatment because complications can develop. We provide assessment and treatment for TMJ in Randolph to improve jaw function while reducing the symptoms of the disorder.

A Low Carb Diet Improves Periodontal Health

August 29, 2016

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A Low-Carb Diet Stops Periodontal Inflammation 18 Aug 2016 Richard Gawel Todays Dental News 1738 times Healthy food may be the best cure for gum problems. Researchers from the University of Freiburg in Germany have discovered that a low-carb diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and D, antioxidants, and fiber can significantly reduce periodontal inflammation. The researchers recruited a group of 15 subjects, with 10 serving as the experimental group and 5 serving as the control. The experimental group began eating the recommended foods, while the control group continued their normal eating habits, both for 4 weeks. Based on their results, the low-carb diet had a positive effect on oral health. The study, “An Oral Health Optimized Diet Can Reduce Gingival and Periodontal Inflammation in Humans—A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study,” was published by BMC Oral Health. Dr. Johan Wölber and Dr. Christian Tennert, 2 of its authors, discussed its results and its implications for practitioners with us. Q: What prompted your investigation into the connection between diet and oral inflammation? A: We were very impressed by the results of the Baumgartner et al (2008) study where participants in a simulated stone-age environment showed lower gingival inflammation even though they had more plaque. This motivated us to look closer at the relationship between diet and gingival inflammation.

Q: Why do carbohydrates have such a negative impact on inflammation? A: We have to be precise here and to differentiate between high-glycemic carbohydrates like saccharides, honey, wheat flour or starches, etc, and complex carbohydrates like most vegetables, greens, beans, fibers, etc. While the former seem to directly promote inflammatory processes, insulin distribution, and an inhibition of fat-burning metabolism, the latter seem to have a rather neutral influence on blood sugar and an inhibiting effect on inflammatory processes.

Q: What role should dentists play in addressing patients and their diets? A: Based on the current results and results from other studies, diet has a profound effect on gingival inflammation. Accordingly, the dentist has the opportunity to rather easily detect overconsumption or mis-consumption of certain nutrients and accordingly recommend a more anti-inflammatory diet. Due to the recommended reduction of high-glycemic carbohydrates, this diet also will be anticariogenic, in addition to other positive effects.

Q: Specifically, what foods should dentists advise their patients to limit and avoid? A: Based on our results, patients should avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates like sugar, white grain flour, etc, and pro-inflammatory fatty acids, especially Omega-6 fatty acids and trans-fats.

Q: Also specifically, what foods should dentists advise their patients to include and increase in their diets? A: Based on our results, dentists should advise a mainly plant-based low-carb diet rich in micronutrients, antioxidants (eg, berries), Omega-3 fatty acids (eg, linseeds) and Fibers.

Randolph Dental Care Introduces Carestream’s 3500 Intra Oral Scanner

March 2, 2016

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Randolph Dental is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Carestream 3500 Intra oral scanner. Do you cringe at the thought of getting an impression? Those days are over. With scanning technology we are now able to take images for single or multiple crowns all the way up to full mouth scans for Clear Braces. Using a small wand multiple images are taken that create a digital model. These images are evaluated then emailed to our labs for fabrication. The labs have the option to create a working model with 3-D printing or can do all their work virtually. Its all part of our commitment to bring the best to our patients. Randolph Dental Care serves patients from Randolph, Denville, Rockaway, Morristown, Succasunna, Chester, Mendham and all of Morris County and beyond.








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