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Mercury-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings in Randolph

Years ago, the only restorative material we had to choose from was mercury-containing amalgam fillings and gold. Now, with composite tooth-colored materials, we can create restorations that are as close to Mother Nature as your natural teeth. These materials are bonded to your tooth, which serves as a protective seal against its oral environment.

Composite resins represent several advantages over traditional silver or amalgam fillings.

Because composite resins are not made of metal, we can blend and mix shades to find the perfect color to match your natural teeth. This means only you and your dentist will know you have fillings. Another plus when it comes to composite resins is that the tooth/composite bond actually supports the remaining tooth structure. In doing so, it prevents breakage while serving as insulation against temperature changes.

Medium and small composites can last seven to ten years – that’s as long as traditional amalgams. Best of all, composite resins (unlike traditional amalgam fillings) allow us to keep more of your natural tooth structure intact. We at Randolph Dental Care believe in conservative dentistry. The more natural tooth structure you keep, the better teeth you’ll likely have in the future.