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Frequently Asked Dental Questions - Randolph, NJ

Learning More
About Dental Care

Education is an aspect of dental care that a lot of patients often overlook. Learning as much as possible about oral hygiene and the different services offered at Randolph Dental Care can help you avoid major complications and make the right decisions when it counts. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, get in touch with us today; we’re always happy to help!

How Many Appointments Do I Need Each Year?

Most patients only need two dental appointments every year. Specifically, you should undergo a dental checkup and cleaning every six months in order to prevent cavities from forming and have oral health issues identified in a timely manner. Some people, such as those who are at a higher risk for gum disease due to smoking, may need additional appointments.

How Do I Know If There’s a Problem with My Jaw?

TMJ disorders tend to grow worse as time goes on, but we can help you identify them and treat them before they become truly debilitating. Let us know if you’re suffering from constant pain or tenderness in your jaw or experience an ache around your ear. Sometimes the pain might occur whenever you try to bite and chew your food. Occasionally, you might have trouble opening your mouth at all.

Do Missing Teeth Need to Be Replaced?

Absolutely! Never make the mistake of thinking you can work around a gap in your smile. A full row of teeth is necessary to maintain a properly balanced bite, a straight row of teeth, and excellent oral health. If a tooth is lost and can’t be replanted, it should be replaced as soon as possible. You can schedule a consultation with Drs. Glen and Zachary Goldstein to discuss your options.

How Can I Improve My Smile’s Appearance?

First of all, you need to think about what kind of improvements you specifically want to make. Are there stains you want to erase? Do you have gaps that you want to close? Or are your teeth ever so slightly misaligned? Then, during a cosmetic consultation, explain to us exactly what you have in mind so that we can decide whether porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, or another treatment would be suitable for creating your dream smile.

Is a Toothache an Emergency?

If you can’t get rid of a toothache by flossing or rinsing your mouth, it should be treated as a potential emergency. We can determine the exact nature of your pain once we’ve examined your mouth. For example, we might take an X-ray and find signs of infected pulp, which would require root canal therapy to treat.

What If I’m Afraid of the Dentist?

You’re not alone! Three-quarters of adults admit to being apprehensive when they visit the dentist. Drs. Glen and Zachary Goldstein know this, which is why they have a number of different techniques for keeping patients calm. Depending on your situation, he can put you to sleep entirely for the duration of the procedure or simply induce a highly relaxed state through one of several forms of dental sedation.

Will You Accept My Insurance?

We are currently an in-network provider for several plans such as Aetna and Delta Dental. Even if your plan is out-of-network, you will still be able to enjoy some savings. Make sure you call ahead of time with your insurance information so that we can confirm the details and help you make the proper arrangements so that your care is affordable.

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