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Wisdom Tooth Extractions - Randolph, NJ

Removing Your Unneeded
Third Molars


The wisdom teeth typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 21 (though in some cases they won’t erupt until around the age of 25). This is far later than most other teeth in the mouth erupt. As a result, there’s often not enough room for the wisdom teeth, causing them to end up trapped under the gum line. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or are causing you pain, get in touch with Randolph Dental Care as soon as you can, so Drs. Glen and Zachary Goldstein can start planning wisdom tooth extractions in Randolph, NJ.

Why Choose Randolph Dental Care
for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Various Forms of
    Sedation Dentistry
  • State-of-the-Art
    Dental Technology
  • Dentist with Decades
    of Experience

Necessity of Wisdom
Tooth Extraction

Animated smile with impacted wisdom tooth

We might not need to remove your wisdom teeth if they’re healthy, grow in completely, and can be sufficiently cleaned as part of your regular oral hygiene routine. With that said, an extraction is necessary if:

  • The tooth completely fails to break through the gums, which can lead to cysts and tumors.
  • The tooth only partially emerges through the gums, creating an opening for bacteria.
  • Your wisdom teeth start to crowd nearby teeth.
  • Your wisdom teeth develop cavities that cannot be restored due to poor hygiene.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Woman smiling after wisdom tooth extraction

Immediately after the surgery, you’ll need to bite down on some gauze packs for about an hour to control the bleeding. For the rest of the day, avoid rinsing vigorously or participating in any strenuous activities. It is okay to brush gently as long as you avoid the area where the extraction was performed. After 24 hours, you can periodically rinse with salt water to reduce the risk of infection. Your diet should consist of soft, nourishing foods that take little effort.

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