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Stress and Inflammation

June 18, 2013

Given how fast life moves today, and with the pressure to always stay “connected,” it’s no wonder our society is so stressed.  But regardless of where your stress ultimately comes from—finances, work, or somewhere else—learning how to manage your stress is important. That’s because stress impacts not just your overall sense of well being but your oral health as well.

Specifically, we’re talking about inflammation and its relationship to both.

Inflammation is triggered by the body’s immune system. When it works as it’s supposed to, it can be beneficial. But a patients struggling with stress may find that their body has trouble regulating it. When that happens, the body can begin to use inflammation against itself, leading to problems with oral and overall health. In 2012, the ADG reported that, in talking about the link between stress and oral health, the immune system plays a definite role.

What does this mean for patients of Randolph Dental Care?  It means that learning how to manage stress is important. It also means that regular checkups and professional cleanings should be a priority, as should a regular brushing and flossing routine. Remember to brush at least twice a day, floss at least once a day.

If you have questions about the connection between stress, inflammation, and oral health, call Randolph Dental Care today to reserve an appointment with Dr. Goldstein. Our office is proud to serve patients from Randolph, Rockaway, Mendham, Chester, Morristown, Denville, Morris County, and beyond.

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