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I was diagnosed with stage 4 periodontal disease in most of my mouth. The entire team worked quickly to scan the mouth, find problem areas, develop an entire plan to attack the whole issue, and scheduled the appointments. Best part is the expertise in the office, no need to go anywhere else for parts of the plan, it is all done in the same office. The deep tissue cleaning was amazing, Kathy has a very sensitive touch, completely pain free. Rachel is amazing, thorough, and calming during procedures. Samantha at the desk could not be any sweeter, and last but not least, Dr. Goldstein is amazing. He is truly passionate about you, your issues, and his capability to fix it all. I am so glad I went here!

– Deb I.

I have been a patient of Dr. Glen Goldstein for more than 20 years. Yesterday, I had a dental emergency and his staff made an appointment for me that day. Dr. Goldstein treated my problem and I am no longer in pain. Dr. Goldstein is highly knowledgeable and an excellent dentist. My children look forward without apprehension, to their 6 month dental check-ups. Dr. Goldstein explains and discusses with the patient, their concerns about their dental care. His staff is both friendly and professional. Without reservation. I recommend Dr. Goldstein to any patient.

– Mary K.

The best dentist ever!!! The dental assistant here is amazing as well. Always answers any questions I have about flossing etc. I've had some cavities the past couple of years and it has always been quick and easy for him to fit me in his schedule to come in after work or at my best convenience and I didn't even mention the massage chair!!!! I swear I want more cavities just to relax in that chair haha

– Frankie G.

I recently had my first visit at Randolph Dental Care. I picked this office based upon the research I did and what I read from patients; including the fact that they use the latest technology in dentistry. Well, my expectations were not only met---they were exceeded. But even more important than the technology is the thoroughness and quality of care. Again, my visit exceeded my expectations. Not only did I not feel rushed, Dr. Goldstein spent more time with me and preformed the most thorough dental exam I have ever had in my 50+ years of dental care. Upon completion of my exam and X-rays, everything that was identified (as well as my treatment options) were completely and thoroughly explained and prioritized. I left the office knowing I made the right choice. I have proceeded with the work that was needed and/or recommended. Dr. Goldstein explains what he will do and (being that I am a nervous patient) walks me through what is happening while he is working on me. Again, another reason that reinforces I made an excellent choice.

– Candy G.

I came to Randolph Dental with what I considered a big dental project. I was extremely afraid of it, and was postponing it due to fear. I know that Dr. Goldstein and his staff understood those fears and within a very short period of time, totally put me at ease. They explained, in great detail, all of the issues in my mouth and the best way to handle them. I am grateful beyond words. They have actually made going to the dentist fun! I live in California and will never go to another dentist again. My dental visits will always involve a plane ticket to New Jersey.

– M. Maes

Dr Goldstein is committed to his profession like no other. He is obviously a perfectionist and will not accept anything but complete satisfaction from his patients. I recommend him all the time. He repaired my sister's mouth after a few other dentists completed subpar work that caused infection and bone loss. It changed her life and I'm grateful for the doc's skills and caring.

I cannot emphasize how great it is to be back with Randolph Dental. In the short time I was with different dentists due to a job change, I went through the most uncomfortable experiences. The dentists I saw from the dental plan organization caused severe damage to my teeth and gums. I went through nightmares and horror stories that one reads about in the newspaper: unnecessary pulling of teeth, gum damage, and poorly fitting caps to say the least. That night, I barely slept and couldn’t wait to contact you in the morning. I knew I would find great relief once I was back in your care. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me back on track and making me feel like a person again. I would always recommend you to friends and family.

Dr. Goldstein, you are the Gold Standard of Dentistry. Your personality, state-of-the-art dentistry, professionalism, and your staff are outstanding. I am very fortunate to have you as my dentist.

– Jeff Adler

Dr. Goldstein did such a fine job repairing my front black tooth that management promoted me to a branch manager’s position the very next day!! He said he was the best, and he is!

– Ed McConnell

I don't know how I went through my life going to the dentist regularly and was never given any breadth of knowledge or education of dental care and oral health issues that in less than one week were conveyed to me by Dr. Goldstein. It seems a shame that there are so few dentists who take that kind of time with their patients; Dr. G was the first dentist who made me feel like my understanding of my dental issues were not a privilege of his willingness to inform me, but a right.

– Anonymous

When I walked into Dr. Goldstein’s office last summer, you might say I had a “Perfect Storm” of dental problems: gum disease, loose teeth, an imperfect bite.

Instead of just doing periodontal surgery – scaling and planing (in my case for the third time in ten years!), Dr. Goldstein explained the root causes for many of my dental problems and went into a very detailed treatment and education plan. A lot of my problems stemmed from my bad bite. It had caused headaches and shifting teeth and contributed to my recurring gum disease.

I am a great admirer of people who love what they do, whose profession is not just a job, but a vocation. Dr. Goldstein is one of those people. It’s obvious he takes great pride in his work. He is always updating the technology in the office, using the latest, top-of-the-line equipment. He does not shy away from troubleshooting difficult problems like TMJ. In fact, just the opposite. He gets a lot of satisfaction from solving dental problems and improving his patients’ quality of life.

– Sharon Craig

Dr. Goldstein, not only did you give me the gift of a beautiful new smile, but you gave me back my dignity, and in one dental visit, wiped out 32 years of bad dental experiences. I still cannot believe that I actually had a pleasant dental experience.

I am so happy, and my new dentures are so beautiful, and it is all due to your exceptional skill and caring. Thank you again, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

– Daisey Washington, Recipient of Donated Dental Services

I wanted to thank you for the professional (and pain-free!) services you have rendered recently as my dentist.

As you know, before I came to see you this year, I had not been to a dentist in about three years. Since I had bleeding gums and a chipped tooth, I knew that I had major dental issues to resolve.

I can’t tell you how much anxiety I experienced at the prospect of having fillings, a crown, and a root canal done. (I think I mentioned – and I was very serious – that I wasn’t even nervous about the pain of having my second baby, but I was mortified about being in the dental chair.)

Thankfully, my fears proved unfounded. Not only did I not experience any physical pain during or after my root canal, which was the treatment I feared most, but I also felt emotionally reassured by your warm chairside manner and you ability to explain every step of the process in laymen’s terms.

Moreover, I was so pleasantly surprised when you called my home the evening of my root canal just to check on me and make sure I was feeling fine.

Dr. Goldstein, aside from your kindness and expertise as a dentist, I want to thank you for the professional way your office operates. I appreciate that Suzanne always calls the day before to remind me of my appointment time. Additionally, as a busy mother of two, I am glad that I never had to wait to see you. You don’t overbook your schedule, which shows that you respect your patients’ time. When I come to Randolph Dental, I am always cheerfully greeted and immediately escorted in for my treatment.

Again my heartfelt thanks for restoring me to good dental hygiene and for high-quality, caring service.

– Lynette Khalfani

Since I believe that Dr. Goldstein sincerely cares about the excellence of his work and about the welfare of his patients, I would like to say "thank you Dr. G" for your expertise, excellence and the compassion" that you demonstrate consistently. You inspire me in my own profession to persevere and accept nothing less than excellence. I have been with Dr. G for four years now. I have had several major oral procedures performed by Dr. Goldstein. I have never had any post-operative pain.

– Anonymous

I like that I never feel like I'm imposing when I call the office. The office staff makes me feel valued as a patient and really like I am their friend. I like that I get whatever support I need when filing dental claims. I like that I NEVER wait more than a couple minutes for my appointments. I like that I never have to worry about getting the highest quality dental work. I like that I never worry about feeling pain during any visit. I like everything about this office!!

– L

I like the overall competency of the staff at RDC. I know that I will get the best in care and Dr. G's vast knowledge, attention to detail, and he stands behind his work.

– Brenda Williamson

I feel like Dr. G cares about how it is for me, plus i think he is one of the world's best dentists - very knowledgeable and up to date on stuff.

– Anonymous

That the people are very caring and concerned about the patient as a patient but more as a person with individual needs. They don't treat everyone as "Just a patient." It is very refreshing to not be just a file or another filling Thanks Dr. G, and Suzanne you are my angel!

– Anonymous

Doctor Goldstein,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your staff (Chris and Suzanne) for their excellent patient care which they provide both me and my family. Consequently, your services provided to me last week (CEREC addition) left me simply amazed and gratified that not only was the fit and finish perfect, but virtually no pain both during or after the treatment...again, I was amazed based on the two hours you had spent meticulously working on me...SIMPLY THE BEST!... Thanks again for your fine work and the commitment you provide in keeping both me and my family safe and healthy!... See you in six months!

Best Regards,

Bill D. (Patient for 6 years!)

" I have been to a lot of dentists and Dr Goldstein is by far the best. Before going to their office, I was severely suffering from TMJ. Dr. G was able to resolve this issue fairly quickly and was completely thorough in his approach. I was finally freed from the constant pain and discomfort that I had suffered from for so many years. Also, his staff is exceptional, friendly and great at what they do. I would highly recommend Randolph Dental Care!"

–Alicia McDonough

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