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Randolph Dental Equilibration

Most patients have never heard of this service,but we feel this is one of the most valuable services we perform. Often times, the teeth on the upper and lower jaw do not meet correctly and cause shifting of the jaw on closure. If this occurs for a period of time, it can cause the jaw joint to permanently shift out of place, teeth to break or loosen, headaches, migraines, along with face and neck pain – just to name a few of the ailments that can arise from what is known as malocclusion.

By simply reshaping the surface of the teeth (often times less than a millimeter), we can significantly and profoundly improve the quality of a patient’s life that had been formerly riddled with pain and discomfort. Many times, patients don’t even realize they have a problem until we eliminate it. Don’t take our word for it. Watch these videos of those who have benefited from equilibration.