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Randolph Deep Bleaching™

Deep Bleaching™ is a revolutionary technique and represents the latest and greatest in teeth bleaching. It was developed to whiten even the most stubborn stains. Whether you’re a teenager, older than 12, or 90 years young, Deep Bleaching™ can provide the stunning results you never thought possible. Even stains caused by tetracycline, which were previously thought to be impenetrable, can be lightened using the Deep Bleaching™ system.

Using a combination of in office and home sessions, as well as specially fabricated bleaching trays, we can lighten teeth to levels once dreamed of. The thing that we love most about this process is that it is very effective and close to permanent. The secret of this process is the special trays we make and the fact that the bleaching gel is refrigerated from manufacture to office delivery insuring the potency of the bleach (dental bleach degrades from the moment it is manufactured - refrigeration slows this process way down). The trays actually provide a hydraulic force pushing the bleach into the teeth - hence the name Deep.

The process involves a combination of office visits and custom-made trays you wear at home for two weeks. The patented Deep Bleaching™ gel breaks apart staining compounds, revealing a sparkling-white smile. Unlike other teeth-whitening systems, Deep Bleaching™ boasts virtually no post-whitening sensitivity, and the results are entirely permanent. Once the process is done you can touch up after your teeth cleanings 2-4 times a year to maintain the beautiful result.

With Deep Bleaching™, your teeth can lighten up to 16 shades! That’s many times the whitening power of any other professional whitening system on the market. When you visit our Randolph, NJ office for your consultation, Dr. Goldstein will evaluate your teeth and any staining you might have to determine if this amazing, new system is right for you.

Learn more about Deep Bleaching™ (also called Kör Whitening).