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3D CT Scanning

We have had this amazing technology for over 4 years at our Randolph, NJ office. Once reserved for hospitals and imaging facilities, 3D units have come down in size and cost and are more accessible to the dental office. This technology gives us an unparalleled ability to treat and diagnose problems that will never show up on a traditional dental X-ray. This is because X-rays are 1-dimensional images of a 3-dimensional object. Patients routinely come to us from other dental offices because they can’t find the problem.  You can’t treat what you can’t see! We routinely use this technology for dental implant planning and placement, root canal treatment to find all canals in a tooth (often 1 or 2 are missed), 3rd molar extractions (to avoid complications), imaging of the TM joint, and mysterious problems. Adding this technology has been one of the best concepts Dr. Goldstein has ever made part of Randolph Dental Care.